SAP B1 Quick Start

Get the most out of your existing SAP B1 infrastructure investment through advanced reporting and dashboarding. Our SAP B1 Quick Start solution utilizes IBM Cognos Analytics software, empowering you to become self-sufficient in creating advanced reports and interactive displays. With little training and no help from IT, you can now create and analyze your own sophisticated reports and dashboards for your quotes, orders, invoicing, inventory, and purchasing needs. SAP B1 Quick Start will have you up and running in just 2-3 weeks.


 Frequently requested information

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SAP Business One Quick Start, Powered by NewIntelligence

Help your organization better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes and bring your data to life.

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Arani Sees the Light with SAP Business One & IBM Cognos Analytics

Accurate, efficient, company-wide analytics allows the Arani team to make fast, well-informed business decisions.

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Defining Smart Business Intelligence Solutions, Stratecast: Frost & Sullivan 

There is a need for BI that automates data preparation, visualization, and distribution processes, and is visual and immediate.

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Bring your data to life

• Highly visual and interactive dashboards  Easy set up, easy to learn, easy to use 

Integration with your existing SAP B1 

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