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The addition of Sales Budgeting & Forecasting to NewIntelligence’s QuickStart Solution was developed from SAP B1 customers related to challenges that they were facing when it came to Sales Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting.

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Sales Budgeting & Forecasting Made Simple for SAP B1 Customers Within A Few Clicks

Business professionals are equipped to create and analyze their own budgets and forecasts against actuals with little training and no help from IT.

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Current Year Budget vs Prior Year Actuals demo
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Compare Current Year Budget versus Prior Year Actuals with NewIntelligence's QuickStart Solution

See how you can compare current year's budget versus actual sales of previous year by item group, customer channel and salesperson.

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Create Budget Using Last Year's Actuals demo
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Create a Budget Using Last Year's Actuals

See how you can create a simulation in the form of a sandbox for increasing the budget, as well as how to use last year's actuals as a baseline increasing them by 10%.

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With our QuickStart Solution and our Sales Budgeting & Forecasting, our clients can now plan at different levels of granularity and simplify their budgeting and forecasting process

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