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NewIntelligence is proud to partner with Vantree Systems!


EDI & API Automation delivered through human connection

NewIntelligence makes reporting on data within your organization easy. But do you ever feel like you aren’t capturing data coming from outside your organization? 

The truth is, 90% of B2B traffic is transmitted via to EDI. This is why, we partnered with Vantree to help you integrate more data in your ERP, so that you get 100% visibility on your business. 


What is EDI? 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of business documents between organizations through the cloud. This method is used to replace traditional faxing and mailing, to improve efficiency, speed while eliminating manual entry and reducing errors. 


What are the benefits of EDI? 

  • • Improve operational efficiency
  • • Improve data accuracy 
  • • Fewer errors
  • • More visibility 
  • • Simplify redundant tasks 
  • Automate processes  
  • Improve speed of data exchange 
  • Centralize your data 
  • Environmentally friendly 


Vantree's focus on deep integration tailored to your unique needs  

Your business is unique and so are your requirements. Vantree take the time to fully customizes your solution for deep integration, based on what your trading partners needs and how you want to see that data in your system. 

Optimize your workflows with increased efficiency. 

            • Strengthen your relationships with cleaner data, fewer errors, and                             faster  reaction times.
            • Invest in your future by anticipating growth, freeing up resources, and                     future-proofing your business 


Enjoy superior flexibility and ease of use 

  • Any environment. Any trading partners. Any document.  
  • Vantree’s integrated, automated, and intuitive solution makes it simple to import, analyze, and process incoming documents.  
  • You have full visibility into your data and any errors or omissions in that data, and full control over error correction and processing.  







Why Vantree?

1. Unparalleled Service

Vantree does more on your behalf. As an extension of your terms, customer service is all-inclusive and all-encompassing. 

2. Advanced Technologies

Vantree's proprietary software allows their technical team to design a fully customizable solution for your company. 

3. Industry Expertise

Vantree ensures they remain ahead of the curve so that they can help you do the same.


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